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ISCA 1st Congress Proceedings

published in: International Journal of Speleology | number of resources: 16

Contain(s): • 1st ISCA Congress - Bertolani, Cigna: Activity of the Scientific Commission of Grotta Grande del Vento • 1st ISCA Congress - Bertolani, Manicardi, Rebecchi: Faunistic Study in the Karst Complex of Frasassi • 1st ISCA Congress - Choppy, Cigna: Proposition pour une etude micro-climatique en zones souterraines profondes • 1st ISCA Congress - Curelli, Diana, Floris, Sulas: Descrizione morfologica estima del l'impatto ambientale derivante dal l'apertura al pubblico delle Grotte di IS Zuddas • 1st ISCA Congress - Forti: Problemi Turistici della Grotta Gigante nel Carso Triestino • 1st ISCA Congress - Gurnee: Management of some unusual features in the Show caves in the USA • 1st ISCA Congress - Guzman, Mendoza, Gutierrez: La Cueva del Tesoro - Rincon de la Victoria (Malaga, Espana) • 1st ISCA Congress - Habe: Kurzer Bericht uber die Probleme des Hoehlentourismus in Jugoslawien • 1st ISCA Congress - Lochner: Die Saalfelder Feengrotten: Ein Schaubergwerk mit Hohlencharakter • 1st ISCA Congress - Milka: Problems of Show Caves in Bohemia and Moravia • 1st ISCA Congress - Peano, Fisanotti: Valorisation et Development Touristique de la Grotta di Bosea • 1st ISCA Congress - Racko: Die Slovakischen Schauhoehlen und ihre Probleme • 1st ISCA Congress - Ramon, Frias: La Cueva de Nerja • 1st ISCA Congress - Taddeuci, Tuccimei, Votaggio: 230Th Dating of the speleothems from the Grotta del Fiume - Grotta Grande del Vento.. • 1st ISCA Congress - Trimmel: Les grottes amenagees et l'Union Internationale de Speleologie • 1st ISCA Congress - Verole-Bozzello: La Grotta del Vento: Una realita nel contesto del parco naturale delle Alpi Apuane

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ISCA 2nd Congress Proceedings

published in: Actas Congresso de la ISCA | number of resources: 10

Contain(s): • 2nd ISCA Congress - Calaforra, Gonzales-Rios, Sanchez-Martos, Tinaut: Estudio ambiental de la Cueva del Agua de Iznalloz - Perspectivas de uso turistico • 2nd ISCA Congress - Cantalejo, Espejo, Ramos: Cueva de Ardales (Malaga), Valoracion cientifica y modelo de gestion • 2nd ISCA Congress - Carasco Cantos: La Cueva de Nerja, Estudios para su conservacion • 2nd ISCA Congress - Cigna, Galdenzi, Menichetti: Some results from the monitoring network in the Grotta Grande del Vento, Frasassi • 2nd ISCA Congress - Debevc: Introducement and tourist development of the Postojna Cave through the history • 2nd ISCA Congress - Ferri-Ricchi: Il progretto di turisticizzazione delle Grotte di Pastena • 2nd ISCA Congress - Milka: What's new in Czech show caves • 2nd ISCA Congress - Orfei: Speleotourism in the Frasassi Cave • 2nd ISCA Congress - Orfei: Turismo escursionistico - speleologico alle grotte di Frasassi • 2nd ISCA Congress - Shouyue, Yuzhang: Tourism resources on karst and caves in China

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ISCA 3rd Congress Proceedings

published in: Proceedings of the 3rd Congress of ISCA | number of resources: 0


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ISCA 4th Congress Proceedings

number of resources: 0


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ISCA 5th Congress Proceedings

number of resources: 1

Contain(s): • Admiral's Stalagmite Report

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ISCA 6th Congress Proceedings

published in: Slovakia | number of resources: 29

Contain(s): • 6th ISCA Congress Proceedings (Full version - for members) • 6th ISCA Congress - Papers All • 6th ISCA Congress - Agenda All (for members) • 6th ISCA Congress - Bosak - Dating of processes in karst and caves • 6th ISCA Congress - Cigna: Problem of Lampenflora in Show Caves • 6th ISCA Congress - Cove - Interpretive guiding in ensuring understanding and conservation of caves and karst • 6th ISCA Congress - Darricau: International Commission on Prehistory in Show Caves • 6th ISCA Congress - Debevc, Knez, Kranjc, Prelovsek, Semeja, Slabe - Proposal for the Heavens Cave (Vietnam) adaptment for tourist purposes • 6th ISCA Congress - Dvorscak - Developing competences of cave guides and a system of permanent mentorship (Postojna Cave) • 6th ISCA Congress - Fabbricatore - Associazione Grotte Turistice Italiane (A.G.T.I.) • 6th ISCA Congress - Fabbricatore - The new electrical system of the Grotta Gigante • 6th ISCA Congress - Fabbricatore, Gravaglia, Giovani, Piccini, Cucchi, Zini - Radon concentration Grotta Gigante • 6th ISCA Congress - Gal - Wiski - A world wide used environmental monitoring system • 6th ISCA Congress - Giannopoulos,Kambouroglou,Kontaxi - Develop. and protec. of caves of archaeological and paleontological interest in Crete • 6th ISCA Congress - Korzystka,Piasecki,Sawinski,Zelinka - Climatic system of the Dobsinska Ice Cave • 6th ISCA Congress - Krzic - Preservation of cave floor and its importance for interpretation • 6th ISCA Congress - Lewkowicz - Cave tourism in the Polish-Slovak transfrontier area • 6th ISCA Congress - Lobo, Alexandre, Boggiani - Tourist carrying capacity in caves Main trends and new methods in Brazil • 6th ISCA Congress - Marikovicova, Omelka,Haviarová,Gazik,Zelinka - Integrated cave environmental monitoring system (ICEMS) • 6th ISCA Congress - Martinkova - Is white -nose syndrome a threat for bats in European caves • 6th ISCA Congress - Mulec,Glazar - Use of a hydrogen peroxide solution to remove lampenflora • 6th ISCA Congress - Nudzikova - Foundations of the Slovak Caves Administration strategy • 6th ISCA Congress - Smetanova,Holy,Jurcak,Omelka,Zelinka - Radon monitoring in Domica cave, Slovakia • 6th ISCA Congress - Sojak,Fecko - Most important speleoarchaeological sites in Slovakia • 6th ISCA Congress - Spate, Henderson, Cove, Martin - ACKMA - A trans -national organization of show • 6th ISCA Congress - Stefin, Dvorscak - Key Success Factors of Postojna Show Cave Development • 6th ISCA Congress - Tolnay - Interpretation in cave tourism • Did we find a miracle light source? • WNS presentation 6th Congress

Congress date: 18th – 23rd October 2010 Congress venue: Slovakia, Liptovský Mikuláš, Demänovská Dolina, Družba Hotel Organizing institution: State Nature Conservancy of the Slovak Republic, Slovak Caves Administration, Hodžova 11, 031 01 Liptovský ...

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