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International Union of Speleology

The Union Internationale de Spéléologie (UIS) is the international body for caving and speleology, formed in 1965. The actual speleological work of UIS is done by the members of its Commissions and Working Groups, which are open to everyone who is interested. more information »

SpeleoGenesis Network

SpeleoGenesis Network is a hub for people and institutions involved into karst and geospeleology studies, who want to stay informed and connected with colleagues around the globe and have various field-specific networking and information tools at their regular disposal. more information »

The Karst Information Portal

The Karst Information Portal is a digital library linking scientists, managers, and explorers with quality information resources concerning karst environments. more information »

The Australasian Cave and Karst Management Association

(ACKMA) is a professional association for all those responsible for, or interested in, planning and management of limestone landscapes and caves in the Australasian region. more information »

Show Caves of the World

The website showcaves.com is a private website oriented to caves, karst, springs, mines and subterranea. It has a quite large section on showcaves. more information »

Karst Research Institute, Slovenia

Karst is in the focus of our research. We study its hydrology, geology, morphology, ecology, microbiology and speleology as well as history of our own science. Institute's researchers come from various backgrounds including geology, geography, physics, chemistry, biology and microbiology, thus enabling a multidisciplinary approach. Our research includes field studies, laboratory investigations and numerical modeling. We conduct basic studies and applied studies. Institute hosts a karstological library, one of the most complete of its kind, laboratory specialized in water chemistry, geological laboratory and a lecture room with modern presentation equipment. more information »

A.G.T.I. - Association of Italian Tourist Caves

Show caves in Italy are associated with the Associazione Grotte Turistiche Italiane - A.G.T.I. (Italian Show Caves Association). The association was founded in 1994. for the need of exchanging experience in the field of management, techique and promotion of tourist caves. more information »

A.N.E.C.A.T. - French National Association of Show Caves

A.N.E.C.A.T. - associates 80% of tourist caves in France, out of which 25% are prehistoric sites. more information »

NCA - National Caves Association (USA)

The National Caves Association, founded in 1965 is a non-profit organization of publicly and privately owned show caves and caverns - caves developed for public visitation. All are natural caves and caverns beneath the surface of the earth. more information »

National Caves and Karst Institute, USA

The National Cave and Karst Research Institute (NCKRI) is a non-profit government-supported institute headquartered in the City of Carlsbad, New Mexico. Its goals are to conduct, support, facilitate, and promote programs in cave and karst research, education, environmental management, and data acquisition and sharing. more information »

ACTE - Association of Spanish Tourist Caves

La Asociación de Cuevas Turísticas Españolas - The Association of Spanish Tourist Caves is acting in promotion, conservation, sustainable use of show caves, including support for technical and scientific studies contributing to promotion of the subterranean world. more information »

Bat Conservation International

Bat Conservation International uses science, education and conservation action to protect bats and their habitats around the world. The nonprofit corporation, headquarted in Austin, Texas, was founded in 1982. more information »

ABIS - Association of British and Irish Showcaves

www.visitunderground.com is the official website for the Association of British and Irish Showcaves (ABIS). The website includes details about current members of the Association and provides information for anyone wishing to visit some of the geological or archaeological locations open to the public in Britain and Ireland. The site also provides links through to individual member websites. more information »

ISCA Facebook

This is the official FB of ISCA more information »


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