"Our world’s caves are places of wonder, mystery and majestic beauty. Show caves around the world are embracing their role in protecting and preserving caves and providing a place for people to learn about these special, natural, cultural and historical resources.

Show caves also play another important nature tourism role of sustainable economic development, providing jobs, and helping the economy of their regions.”

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ISCA 1st Congress Proceedings

Contain(s): • 1st ISCA Congress - Bertolani, Cigna: Activity of the Scientific Commission of Grotta Grande del Vento • 1st ISCA Congress - Bertolani, Manicardi, Rebecchi: Faunistic Study in the Karst Complex of Frasassi • 1st ISCA Congress - Choppy, Cigna: Proposition pour une etude micro-climatique en zones souterraines profondes • 1st ISCA Congress - Curelli, Diana, Floris, Sulas: Descrizione morfologica estima del l'impatto ambientale derivante dal l'apertura al pubblico delle Grotte di IS Zuddas • 1st ISCA Congress - Forti: Problemi Turistici della Grotta Gigante nel Carso Triestino • 1st ISCA Congress - Gurnee: Management of some unusual features in the Show caves in the USA • 1st ISCA Congress - Guzman, Mendoza, Gutierrez: La Cueva del Tesoro - Rincon de la Victoria (Malaga, Espana) • 1st ISCA Congress - Habe: Kurzer Bericht uber die Probleme des Hoehlentourismus in Jugoslawien • 1st ISCA Congress - Lochner: Die Saalfelder Feengrotten: Ein Schaubergwerk mit Hohlencharakter • 1st ISCA Congress - Milka: Problems of Show Caves in Bohemia and Moravia • 1st ISCA Congress - Peano, Fisanotti: Valorisation et Development Touristique de la Grotta di Bosea • 1st ISCA Congress - Racko: Die Slovakischen Schauhoehlen und ihre Probleme • 1st ISCA Congress - Ramon, Frias: La Cueva de Nerja • 1st ISCA Congress - Taddeuci, Tuccimei, Votaggio: 230Th Dating of the speleothems from the Grotta del Fiume - Grotta Grande del Vento.. • 1st ISCA Congress - Trimmel: Les grottes amenagees et l'Union Internationale de Speleologie • 1st ISCA Congress - Verole-Bozzello: La Grotta del Vento: Una realita nel contesto del parco naturale delle Alpi Apuane

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ISCA 2nd Congress Proceedings

Contain(s): • 2nd ISCA Congress - Calaforra, Gonzales-Rios, Sanchez-Martos, Tinaut: Estudio ambiental de la Cueva del Agua de Iznalloz - Perspectivas de uso turistico • 2nd ISCA Congress - Cantalejo, Espejo, Ramos: Cueva de Ardales (Malaga), Valoracion cientifica y modelo de gestion • 2nd ISCA Congress - Carasco Cantos: La Cueva de Nerja, Estudios para su conservacion • 2nd ISCA Congress - Cigna, Galdenzi, Menichetti: Some results from the monitoring network in the Grotta Grande del Vento, Frasassi • 2nd ISCA Congress - Debevc: Introducement and tourist development of the Postojna Cave through the history • 2nd ISCA Congress - Ferri-Ricchi: Il progretto di turisticizzazione delle Grotte di Pastena • 2nd ISCA Congress - Milka: What's new in Czech show caves • 2nd ISCA Congress - Orfei: Speleotourism in the Frasassi Cave • 2nd ISCA Congress - Orfei: Turismo escursionistico - speleologico alle grotte di Frasassi • 2nd ISCA Congress - Shouyue, Yuzhang: Tourism resources on karst and caves in China

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ISCA 3rd Congress Proceedings

ISCA 5th Congress Proceedings

Contain(s): • Admiral's Stalagmite Report

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ISCA 6th Congress Proceedings

Contain(s): • 6th ISCA Congress Proceedings (Full version - for members) • 6th ISCA Congress - Papers All • 6th ISCA Congress - Agenda All (for members) • 6th ISCA Congress - Bosak - Dating of processes in karst and caves • 6th ISCA Congress - Cigna: Problem of Lampenflora in Show Caves • 6th ISCA Congress - Cove - Interpretive guiding in ensuring understanding and conservation of caves and karst • 6th ISCA Congress - Darricau: International Commission on Prehistory in Show Caves • 6th ISCA Congress - Debevc, Knez, Kranjc, Prelovsek, Semeja, Slabe - Proposal for the Heavens Cave (Vietnam) adaptment for tourist purposes • 6th ISCA Congress - Dvorscak - Developing competences of cave guides and a system of permanent mentorship (Postojna Cave) • 6th ISCA Congress - Fabbricatore - Associazione Grotte Turistice Italiane (A.G.T.I.) • 6th ISCA Congress - Fabbricatore - The new electrical system of the Grotta Gigante • 6th ISCA Congress - Fabbricatore, Gravaglia, Giovani, Piccini, Cucchi, Zini - Radon concentration Grotta Gigante • 6th ISCA Congress - Gal - Wiski - A world wide used environmental monitoring system • 6th ISCA Congress - Giannopoulos,Kambouroglou,Kontaxi - Develop. and protec. of caves of archaeological and paleontological interest in Crete • 6th ISCA Congress - Korzystka,Piasecki,Sawinski,Zelinka - Climatic system of the Dobsinska Ice Cave • 6th ISCA Congress - Krzic - Preservation of cave floor and its importance for interpretation • 6th ISCA Congress - Lewkowicz - Cave tourism in the Polish-Slovak transfrontier area • 6th ISCA Congress - Lobo, Alexandre, Boggiani - Tourist carrying capacity in caves Main trends and new methods in Brazil • 6th ISCA Congress - Marikovicova, Omelka,Haviarová,Gazik,Zelinka - Integrated cave environmental monitoring system (ICEMS) • 6th ISCA Congress - Martinkova - Is white -nose syndrome a threat for bats in European caves • 6th ISCA Congress - Mulec,Glazar - Use of a hydrogen peroxide solution to remove lampenflora • 6th ISCA Congress - Nudzikova - Foundations of the Slovak Caves Administration strategy • 6th ISCA Congress - Smetanova,Holy,Jurcak,Omelka,Zelinka - Radon monitoring in Domica cave, Slovakia • 6th ISCA Congress - Sojak,Fecko - Most important speleoarchaeological sites in Slovakia • 6th ISCA Congress - Spate, Henderson, Cove, Martin - ACKMA - A trans -national organization of show • 6th ISCA Congress - Stefin, Dvorscak - Key Success Factors of Postojna Show Cave Development • 6th ISCA Congress - Tolnay - Interpretation in cave tourism • Did we find a miracle light source? • WNS presentation 6th Congress

Congress date: 18th – 23rd October 2010 Congress venue: Slovakia, Liptovský Mikuláš, Demänovská Dolina, Družba Hotel Organizing institution: State Nature Conservancy of the Slovak Republic, Slovak Caves Administration, Hodžova 11, 031 01 Liptovský ...

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