"Our world’s caves are places of wonder, mystery and majestic beauty. Show caves around the world are embracing their role in protecting and preserving caves and providing a place for people to learn about these special, natural, cultural and historical resources.

Show caves also play another important nature tourism role of sustainable economic development, providing jobs, and helping the economy of their regions.”

Events to Come

ISCA Board Meeting, Slovak Republic

22. October 2010 -
country: Slovak Republic
The meeting of the newly elected Board of Directors was held during the ISCA 6th Congress

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ISCA Board Meeting - extended, Slovak Republic

19. November 2009 - 21. November 2009
country: Slovak Republic
ISCA Board of Directors meeting took place in Slovakia extended by a meeting of the Constitution Study Group with the following agenda: 1. ISCA Congress 2010 2. ISCA Website 3. Amendments to the ISCA Constitution 4. Non-member papers at Congress 2010 5. Conference 2012 6. Congress 2014 7. Any Other Business

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ISCA Board Meeting, Italy

30. May 2007 - 01. June 2007
country: Italy
ISCA Board meeting, meeting with AGTI (Italian National Association of Show Caves)

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ISCA Board Meeting, Bermuda

27. October 2006 - 27. October 2006
country: Bermuda
First meeting of the Board of Directors in history, appointed first members of the Scientific and Technical Committee, appointed first members of the Constitution Study Group

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