"Our world’s caves are places of wonder, mystery and majestic beauty. Show caves around the world are embracing their role in protecting and preserving caves and providing a place for people to learn about these special, natural, cultural and historical resources.

Show caves also play another important nature tourism role of sustainable economic development, providing jobs, and helping the economy of their regions.”

Events to Come

ISCA & NCA 9th Congress (2022), USA

21. September 2022 - 01. October 2022
country: USA
Nearly 200 participants gathered to celebrate the ISCA & NCA Congress 2022 in San Antonio (Texas).

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ISCA 8th Congress, Italy

October 2018
country: Italy
As many as 45 delegations from all over the world took part in the 8th Congress of the International Show Caves Association (ISCA). Five continents were represented at Genga-Frasassi, Italy, comprising some of the most representative show caves in the world. In order to highlight the role of Genga-Frasassi as the location where ISCA was founded and headquartered, the Congress adopted the slogan: “Frasassi, Italy, a place ISCA calls home”.

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ISCA 7th Congress, Australia

02. November 2014 - 08. November 2014
country: Australia
Here is the list of documents connected with the 7th ISCA Congress as issued by the Jenolan Caves.

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ISCA 6th Congress, Slovak Republic

18. October 2010 - 23. October 2010
country: Slovak Republic
DEADLINE for sending full papers: January 31, 2011

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ISCA 5th Congress, Bermuda

22. October 2006 - 26. October 2006
country: Bermuda

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ISCA 4th Congress, Slovenia

21. October 2002 - 27. October 2002
country: Slovenia
Use of modern technologies in the development of caves for tourism

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ISCA 3rd Congress, Italy

18. October 1998 - 24. October 1998
country: Italy

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ISCA 2nd Congress, Spain

29. October 1994 - 01. November 1994
country: Spain

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ISCA 1st Congress, Italy

01. November 1990 - 04. November 1990
country: Italy

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