"Our world’s caves are places of wonder, mystery and majestic beauty. Show caves around the world are embracing their role in protecting and preserving caves and providing a place for people to learn about these special, natural, cultural and historical resources.

Show caves also play another important nature tourism role of sustainable economic development, providing jobs, and helping the economy of their regions.”


ISCA is an international organization of persons, associations, corporations and government agencies who own, manage or operate recognized show caves or caverns.

The headquarters of the Association is situated in Largo Leone XII in Genga, Italy.

ISCA members can be full, associate or honorary. See Membership.

ISCA organization structure consists of following:

ISCA Congresses

Congresses of ISCA are held every four years preferrably during months of October or November. More information about next congress here

General Assemblies

General Assemblies of the membership are held during each Congress on four yearly intervals.

ISCA Organizational Structure

The Board

Friedrich Oedl President Austria
Rafael Pagés Rodríguez First Vice President Spain
Nuno André Querido Jorge Second Vice President Portugal
Juan José Tiscar Moya Secretary Spain
Francesca Serpentini Treasurer Italy
Lorenzo Burzacca Director Italy
Jakub Gabris Director Czech Republic
Peter Gazik Director Slovak Republic
Guilhem de Grully Director France
Joseph Klimczak Director USA
Heros Augusto Santos Lobo Director Brazil
Zhang Shouyue Director China
Yvonne Wagner Director Germany
Juan José Durán Valsero Ex-Officio Director Spain
Joëlle Darricau Ex-Officio Director France

Scientific and Technical Committee

Juan José Durán Valsero Chairman Spain
Friedrich Oedl Member Austria
Jose Maria Calaforra Member Spain
Pavel Bella Member Slovak Republic
Andy Spate Member Australia
Heros Augusto Santos Lobo Member Brazil
Zhang Shouyue Member China
Hein Gerstner Member Malaysia

International Commission on Prehistory in Show Caves

Joëlle Darricau Chairman France
François de la Varende Member France
Jesus Altuna Member Spain
Ramon Montes Member Spain
Randall White Member USA

International Commission on Sustainable Development In Show Caves

Heros Augusto Santos Lobo Chairman Brazil

Media Committee

Greg Passmore Chairman USA
Roselyne Aulner Member France
Ľubica Nudzíková Member Slovak Republic