"Our world’s caves are places of wonder, mystery and majestic beauty. Show caves around the world are embracing their role in protecting and preserving caves and providing a place for people to learn about these special, natural, cultural and historical resources.

Show caves also play another important nature tourism role of sustainable economic development, providing jobs, and helping the economy of their regions.”

History of ISCA

The International Show Caves Association (ISCA) was founded in Genga (Italy) in November 1990 with the goal of promoting the development, conservation, and protection of show caves worldwide. Show caves are underground caves that have been developed for public viewing and education, and they offer a unique opportunity to experience the beauty and wonder of the subterranean world. The ISCA was created to provide a platform for the promotion and preservation of these unique and important sites.

The organization has grown significantly since its inception and now includes members from over 30 countries, representing some of the most well-known and highly visited show caves in the world. ISCA provides a forum for members to exchange information and experiences, and to work together to promote the responsible management and sustainable development of show caves. The organization also serves as an advocacy group, working to raise awareness of the importance of show caves and to support their protection and preservation for future generations to enjoy.

ISCA's members include cave owners and managers, researchers, educators, and other stakeholders who are committed to promoting the responsible use and preservation of show caves. Through its activities and initiatives, the ISCA works to promote the conservation of these unique natural and cultural sites, and to ensure that they are managed in a sustainable manner. This includes supporting scientific research, promoting educational programs, and advocating for the protection of show caves and their associated ecosystems.

ISCA organises congresses every four years and these are held in different countries. Conferences and special meetings also take place from time to time. Besides, and among other matters of interest, we are aiming at recognising June 6 as the International Day of Caves and the Subterranean World, and many show caves and associations have already joined us in this celebration. Our ISCA newsletter is edited every other month and everyone is welcome to be part of our audience. If you wish to do so, provide us with your e-mail address and you will receive it.

In conclusion, the International Show Caves Association has been instrumental in promoting the responsible management and sustainable development of show caves worldwide. Through its efforts, the organization has helped to raise awareness of the importance of these unique sites and has supported their preservation for future generations to enjoy.