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Qiliang Cave


Name:Qiliang Cave
Name original:Qiliang Cave
Type of member:Full member
State / Region:Hunan
Town / City:Fenghuang
Number of visitors:120000 / per year
Phone:+86 743 3502066
Fax:+86 743 3501065

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Qiliang Cave

country: China
Located in Qiliangqiao Town five kilometers north of Fenghuang(Phoenix) Ancient City, the Qiliang Cave is a typical carbonate grotto characterized by grotesqueness, elegance, broadness and serenity. With a length of over 6,000 meters, it is divided into five sections, i.e. the ancient Battlefield, Gallery, Paradise, the Dragon Palace and the Yin-yang River. Visitors can appreciate the scenery along a river by boat.

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