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ISCA Board Meeting 2022, Texas

Name:ISCA Board Meeting 2022, Texas
Type of event:Board of Directors meeting
Date:01. October 2022 -
Town / City:San Antonio (Texas)

Final congress numbers

Number of participants:15


ISCA Board Meeting at the ISCA & NCA 9th Congress in San Antonio, Texas (September-October 2022)


The new ISCA Board gathered at the ISCA & NCA 9th Congress in San Antonio, Texas (September-October 2022) to exchange ideas and share the route of the organization for the next years. The Board Meeting took place on September 30, 2022 at the 

In-person attendees: Lorenzo Burzacca (Italy, Director); Joe Klimczak (USA, Director); Joëlle Darricau (France, Prehistory Commission Chair); Peter Gažík (Slovakia, Director); Nuno Jorge (Portugal, Second Vice-President); Yvonne Wagner (Germany, Director); Friedrich Oedl (Austria, President); Brad Wuest (USA, ISCA Previous President); Francesca Serpentini (Italy, Treasurer); Rafael Rodríguez Pagés (Spain, First Vice-President); and Dr. Juan José Durán Valsero (Spain, Scientific & Technical Committee Chair).

Online attendees: Juan José Tíscar Moya (Spain, Secretary); Guilhem de Grully (France, Director); Heros Augusto Santos Lobo (Brazil, Director); Jakub ‘Kuba’ Gabris (Czech Republic, Director); and Zhang Shouyue (China, Director).