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Spreading of fungus dangerous for bats in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

A team from the Czech and Slovak republics, lead by Doctor Natália Martínková from the Institute of Vertebrate Biology of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic and Professor Horáček from Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, found that over a tenth of bats hibernating in caves and mines may be infected with fungus Geomyces destructans in the region. Recording increase in incidence of Geomyces destructans infection on that scale is unique in Europe and has never been seen before. In North America, Geomyces destructans has been associated with white-nose syndrome that has already caused drastic mortality in hibernating bats. The scientists published their results on Friday in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, PLoS ONE.

Resource name:Spreading of fungus dangerous for bats in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
Type of resource:Press Release
Author(s): Martínková Natália
Keywords:bats, WNS, infection, mortality, fungus, Geomyces destructans
Category: Bats
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