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Baradla Cave

Baradla is an active cave richly decorated with different types of speleothems, primarily stalactites and stalagmites. Cave tours range from 1-hour and 2-hour tours in developed sections to 7-hour adventure tours. Along the 1200 plus caves it is part of the Caves of the Aggtelek Karst and the Slovak Karst cross-border World Heritage Site.

Basic info

The most important part of the World Heritage subterranean world is the Baradla–Domica cave system with a total length of over 25 km. This cross-border system ranks first in the temperate climatic zone with regard to its activity, length and decoration. The 20.5 km long Baradla with its several entrances is Hungary’s longest, most richly decoted cave with the longest history of research.  It was declared a Ramsar site in 2001.

The passages of the Baradla were formed by the dissolving and weathering effect of water running deep into the Middle Triassic limestone. The 6.6 km long main branch between Aggtelek and Jósvafő villages is a subterranean streambed, with several side branches. This meandering, rocky passage adorned with stalactites and stalagmites and several minor speleothem types. It is on the average 10 m wide and 8 m high, but widens into gigantic halls at places. The Aggtelek entrance is open for times immemorial, while those at Red Lake (1890) and at Jósvafő (1928) were created artificially. The main branch, previously known only in 2 km length, was explored for further 6 km by Imre Vass in 1825. The siphons between Baradla and Domica were first penetrated by Hubert Kessler in 1932. Some of the Aggtelek passages were visited already in the 18th century, and were developed in 1806, on the occasion of Palatine Joseph’s visit. Concrete bridges and pavements were only made in the 20th century, and electric lighting was introduced in 1935. The Aggtelek part and the stretch between Red Lake and Jósvafő can be visited all-year-round, and those who like adventures can walk the main branch all the way from Aggtelek to Jósvafő.


Address: Tengerszem oldal 1
Town / City: H-3758 Jósvafõ
Country: Hungary

Phone: +36-48-350-006
Fax: +36-48-350-006
Web: www.showcaves.com

Latitude: 48.4712448120
Longitude: 20.4946994781


Name: Baradla Cave
Name original: Baradla
Length: 20 m
Depth: 86 m
Elevation of entrance: 0 m
Number of visitors: 98184 / per year
Temperature: 9.00 - 11.00 °C
Length of show path: Aggtelek: 1 200; Vörös-tó: 2 300 m
Duration of visit: Aggtelek: 60; Vörös-tó: 120 min

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