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Grottes d'Isturitz et Oxocelhaya

80 000 years of History before your very eyes ! Leap back into the History of mankind.

Basic info

The Grottes Isturitz et Oxocelhaya are actually two different caves. The first one was Grotte d'Isturitz, which was known for a long time. It was named after nearby hamlet Isturitz, which belongs to St-Martin-d'Arberoue. During the 19th century the cave was mined for its phosphate, bat dung which was used as a fertilizer. In 1895 the mine workers mining the guano discovered rocks, which seemed to be artificialy altered. Presented to Eduard Piette, one of the most important archaeologists of this time, he immediatley realized the importance of the discovery. But it took several years, until in 1912 the first excavation was carried out by Emmanuel Passemard. Between 1912 and 1922 he discovered a rich collection of artefacts of daily life.


Town / City: F-64640 ST MARTIN D'ARBEROUE
Country: France State: Atlantic Pyréneés

Phone: +33(5)59296472
Fax: +33(5)59473017
Web: www.grottes-isturitz.com

Latitude: 43.3529205322
Longitude: -1.2059530020


Name: Grottes d'Isturitz et Oxocelhaya
Name original: Les Grottes Isturitz et Oxocelhaya
Length: 0 m
Depth: 0 m
Elevation of entrance: 0 m
Number of visitors: 0 / per year
Temperature: 14.00 °C
Length of show path: m
Duration of visit: 45 min

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